We often hear that the eyes are the window to our soul, but I’ll add that eyes are also the window to our health! By luck, I recently came across an Iridologist, Tammy Rutheford Ward and obtained a reading from her. She looked at my eyes, and those of my family, in detail and was able to tell me what organs need work and what health problems we are faced with. It was very revealing and matched very much what my osteopath could feel during my treatments and what my colonics specialist had mentioned. In addition, it was very much in line with what I’ve been working on nutritionally with my family over the last year, so of course, I was floored by her knowledge and accuracy. And so after hearing what Tammy had to say, I was intrigued and looked into Iridology a little further and here’s what I learned. Iridology is a scientific study of health that examines the color, pigment and structure of the iris, the sclera (white part of the eye) and the pupil. This examination provides a health analysis for the client by recording overall constitutional strength and weaknesses and looks at the overall function of each bodily organ. Iridology can reveal the following: weak/strong organs, glands and tissues, overall constitution (strengths/weaknesses), inflammation levels, state of the bowel, lymphatic system congestion (which I’ll be writing about in a future post), and levels of mental or physical stress on the body. Iridology dates back to 6000 years ago where it was practiced in Ancient China and by Physician Hippocrates in Ancient Greece. If you find this topic fascinating and are curious, here’s how to reach Tammy Rutheford Ward: you can email her at okieiridologist@gmail.com or message her on her personal FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/okienaildr

She charges $40USD for simple readings or $100USD for in-depth readings with charting of your eyes, including the necessary steps clear them up. And $50USD for 6 month follow-ups where she will update you on your progress and chart the additional areas that you need help with. She takes payments through Facebook Messenger or PayPal.