What the heck is bile right? Well bile is super important! Bile is a yellowish/greenish fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.
#1. Bile breaks down fats into smaller particles to be utilized
#2. Bile helps flush toxins, hormones and heavy metals from your body

In order to keep your bile flowing properly and not congested, you need to eat bitter foods with each meal. Bitter foods include dandelion, endives, arugula, grapefruit, citrus zest, etc. If you don’t have these foods on hand, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of digestive bitters on hand. I like to use St. Francis Herb Farm or Botanica. Castor Oil packs (organic from a glass bottle) are amazing at thinning out bile. All you have to do is rub some castor oil on your liver and intestines.

What to do if you don’t have a gallbladder? You really need to eat bitter foods & herbs at every meal and take digestive bitters or bile salts.