How many times do we hear, it’s in my genes, it’s genetic, my mom had it so I will too! But is it really the case? No not really. As you’ll see below, genetics is 10% but our environment is 90%.
Let me give you an example; my mom does not have the diabetes gene yet she is diabetic. I on the other hand am prone to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin issues, and to date, I am fine. My choices help me a lot in terms of not developing this disease. But if I were to make poor choices, I’d develop Diabetes rather quickly. I also have the obesity gene so I know that I need to be careful, and being thin will never really be for me.

My daughter has the estrogen cancer genes, so she’s at a higher risk for developing breast, ovarian and other female cancers, etc. but if she makes the right dietary and lifestyle choices, she’ll be able to avoid developing it.

So basically, I think that knowing our genetic foundation is really helpful in knowing who we are and working on avoiding certain issues that could develop if we didn’t have the information. One of the best and most comprehensive genetic tests out there is by MaxGen Labs. Their report is very detailed so there is no guessing work involved as genetics can be really complicated. Also if you choose their MaxFood panel, you’ll find out what style of eating is best for you which also takes out a lot of the guessing work when it comes to meal planning.

Follow the link below to order your own kit. If you’d like the MaxFunction/MaxFood Combo, please contact me as it is not available on their website.