Have you thought of the negative effects cookware can have on your health? The heavy metals found in cookware leach into your foods, and even if you are buying organic foods, these become tainted and are no longer beneficial to your body. Inevitably, heavy metals from cookware alter enzymes and tastes, and ultimately end up in your body. This is something to think about and definitely worth making a change! Take a moment and look around your kitchen, what else can be replaced?

As pictured here, this is my new Green Pan!! It’s ceramic so there are less chemicals leaching into my food than teflon or aluminum cookware!! Now’s the time to change your non-stick cookware to better options like this one or stainless steel or titanium-which appears to be the best option, or glass containers for storage instead of plastic. It’s time to make the investment because you’re health and your family’s health are important!!!

(Green Pan is not paying me for this, I am simply recommending a product I feel is a better option)