It’s hard to believe because it’s so beautiful out there but yes winter is coming, and with that so is that nasty cold and flu season we all wish didn’t exist! With that said, preparation is key! Immune boosting strategies need to come in play! Things like meditation, exercise and getting enough sleep are all great strategies to boost the immune system but often times we need quality foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals to give us a hand! Probiotics, healthy digestive practices, quality animal fats and fermented foods get my thumbs up in boosting immunity!

How about fermented garlic in honey? And bonus, it’s so easy to make you won’t believe it!

Here is Brad from “It’s alive with Brad” demonstrating how to make this recipe, and he also addresses a few important issues in the process. Enjoy this 5-minute video:

This winter when you feel a sore throat coming on or just feel down in the dumps, take some of your fermented garlic and honey and eat it just as is or add to a cup of warm water and enjoy! Add a slice of lemon too!

Happy fermenting!

Recipe from Grow Forage Cook Ferment: