If there’s anything we should really work hard on controlling in our lives, it’s our blood sugar levels! Our blood sugar is regulated by a hormone called insulin, from the pancreas. When we eat meals especially those with simple sugars, the pancreas releases insulin to get the sugar from our bloodstream into our cells which helps blood sugar levels from remaining high. However, eventually if one consumes these simple sugar meals over and over, no matter how much insulin the pancreas secretes, it won’t be enough to control blood sugar levels making this person Insulin resistant.

Many conditions are related to blood sugar irregularities including hormonal issues like estrogen dominance and PCOS, as well as metabolic syndrome, Diabetes Type 2, heart disease and many more.

So before getting to the point where you become insulin resistant, start taking on habits to help yourself. Taking walks is one way to help control blood sugar levels, other forms of exercise as well, eating complex carb meals with lots of leafy green vegetables, root vegetables instead of white carbs, avoid simple sugars, add Ceylon cinnamon to food, etc. Also if you do have blood sugar issues, inositol and chromium can help balance your levels but make sure to work with a professional to avoid having too low blood sugar levels.