Did you know that emotions play a huge role in the creation of disease! There are numerous psycho-spiritual meanings behind various organs and diseases. For example, liver disease is associated with anger, thyroid issues are associated with inability to speak or to express oneself, diabetes is associated with grief, loss, etc. Know that pent up emotions are a huge factor in creating disease in your body, resulting from inflammation. So what are you doing to release anger, grief, disappointment, dishonesty, inability to speak?

There are so many ways to cope whether it be mediation, yoga, sports, psychology, friendships, etc. Choose a way to let go. So with that in mind, on this post, share a negative emotion you’ve struggled with over the past and an emotion you want to let go of. Once you’ve written it down here, make an effort to find ways to cope with it! I’ll get the ball rolling, and say “loneliness”, now that I’ve opened up, I hope you can too.