I’ve been wanting to write about glyphosate (carcinogenic toxic weed killer sprayed on our food) but haven’t had the time, but I did come across this article you’ll find attached below, which is a really great resource and explains glyphosate really well and gives you a list of most of the packaged foods containing glyphosate — TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Every time you eat something with glyphosate, think cereal, oats, GMO crops: corn, soy, sugarbeets, cottonseed (highest pesticide crop; they take what’s leftover of the cotton plant and turn it into an oil and add that to your packaged food… MAJOUR YUCK), alfalfa, squash, etc. Glyphosate is also sprayed on crops to desiccate them (dry them up quickly for harvesting), so on wheat, lentils, legumes, etc.

“The link between glyphosate and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is particularly strong. One study, published in 2008 by Swedish researchers, found that exposure to glyphosate tripled the risk of a subtype of non-Hodgkin called small lymphocytic lymphoma (2).”

“Glyphosate also interferes with the ability of a plant to uptake nutrients from the soil. Glyphosate, which is a patented chelating agent, binds with nutrients in the soil, and prevents plants from absorbing them. It also acts as an antibiotic (7), which can kill bacteria both in the soil, and our own guts (both of which are incredibly important for plant and human health).”