Over the next few weeks I’ll cover inflammation and give you tips on how to reduce it! Inflammation is at the root cause of all disease so getting a handle on it is priority. Inflammation is also connected to your immune system so keeping your immune system in check is important as well.

In terms of inflammation, you’ll find acute inflammation where the inflammation begins with minutes to hours of the incident and will be accompanied by pain, redness, loss of function, swelling and heat. This type of inflammation is not long lasting.

On the other hand, Chronic inflammation can last years and can be debilitating. Getting a handle on this type of inflammation is extremely important to living a healthy and comfortable life. This type of inflammation can be caused by an autoimmune disease, by untreated acute inflammation, by exposure to irritants such as toxic chemicals, etc.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting tips, one at a time on how to deal with inflammation. Tip #1 coming right up.