Medjool dates, part of the Mediterranean Diet, are some of earth’s sweetest and most delicious fruit. They’re loaded with health benefits as well!

They contain:

  • Potassium, making them helpful in regulating blood presssure levels
  • Beta-carotene, which then converts into Vitamin A, making them great for your eyes
  • They can help decrease bad cholesterol levels (LDL). Being high in both insoluble and soluble fiber, these fibers help to clean out the plaque that gets stuck in the artery walls
  • They’re high in antioxidants which can protect your cells from oxidative damage that can lead to cancer, heart disease and brain ailments
  • They contain a small amount of calcium and are a decent source of potassium, manganese and copper which benefit bone health
  • And many more benefits

They’re very versatile! You can eat them just as they are. And be careful with the serving size, 2 is usually enough as they are a high carb food. They’re also a great sugar alternative. Craving something sweet, have a Medjool date.

So this brings me to this post! My daughter was craving something sweet, and I had to think fast! I decided to melt down some chocolate chips, cut open a Medjool date, remove the pit, fill it with nut butter and then roll it into the melted chocolate. And voila, a sweet treat, ready in about 10 minutes! No bake, no hassle.

Recipe for 1 person:

  • 2 Medjool dates, cut open, remove pit
  • 1 tbsp of nut butter of choice
  • 1/3 cup of chocolate chips, melted down


Melt down the chocolate chips, I use the stove warmer, put the chocolate chips in a ceramic bowl, place on the burner and melt down. Takes about 10 minutes. While the chocolate is melting down, I cut open the dates, remove the pit and stuff the dates with the nut butter. Once the chocolate is ready and melted down, I add the dates, one at a time in the bowl and chocolate and completely cover the dates. Then serve!